MBLAQ – SEXY BEAT ‘Smoky Girl’

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yaaaaap, setelah 1,5tahun akhirnya MBLAQ comeback dengan Mini Album “Sexy Beat”.
dengan promosi lagu dan MV “Smoky Girl”.
dan menurut gue, konsep MV dan lagunya bener-bener “mateng”.
dari segi musik bener-bener beda dari yang sebelumnya. itu yang bikin gue tergila-gila sama mereka dari dulu. ga ngebosenin. mereka itu beda sama K-Pop Idol yang lain ^^
dan MVnya.. gue ga tau mau komen apa lagi saking keren dan sexy-nya.
outfitnya bener-bener pas. apalagi saat mereka pakai white tux. omg….. /dying/

images (1) (Joon)

images (3)  (Mblaq White Tux)images (2) (Gorgeous Cheondung)
secara personal mereka juga berubah. lebih matang, dewasa, keren.

gue ini suka K-Pop ya paling sekedarnya aja kaya suka musik yang lagi bertengger *halah* di UK / US Billboard. cuma kalo MBLAQ ini bener-bener ngegali sisi Fangirl gue buat spazzin’ and Buzzin’ di setiap sosmed yang gue punya. haha
biasanya ada yang kita sebut ‘bias’.
tapi buat MBLAQ akan sangat bingung menentukan siapa Bias lo.
semua lucu, gila, gatau malu, tapi charming dan total saat lagi perform.
good job MBLAQ for amazing COMEBLAQ


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My MV Concept

okay, here we go.. My first post in this site. I don’t know what to write first, because so many things i want to write >,<

Yesterday, there’s some site held a quiz. The price is MBLAQ tix. The Quiz is fun because we just had to entri a MV concept and what Role each member of MBLAQ on those MV. So, i wanna share what i’ve submitted on those site, and pray for me get those tix! :p
this is it:
“i’ll make the video about a poor girl from Indonesia who came because someone trying to make her work at prostitute. She can escape and find herself at seoul. She dont know what to do and go. In other place, Cheondung (CD)  is a tourist guide who can’t find any customer for him, and his boss, G.O will kick him out if he didn’t get any costumer. CD meet Indonesian girl who didn’t know anything. CD bring that girl around seoul and show her how beautiful seoul. The girl just speechless look around seoul, but when CD ask for pay, she forget that she didn’t have any money. CD want bring her to the police office, but the girl cry and try to tell him about her story and she didn’t have money. She gave him a necklace she use. (they both using english). CD pitty her, so he bought her to his house. Everyday they get closer.

Because CD can’t get customer, G.O kick him out. CD try to find another job and he meet Mir who work at Multicultural Museum. CD work happy there and learn some Indonesian dance. He want to show that to the girl and ask her to go to Han River with him. But on their way, Seungho and Joon attack them to get that girl. They are from Prostitute place! CD try to save her but he can’t.

and the ending CD walk alone on Han River side and holding tight the necklace and he scream.


weird ending? But i like hanging ending. 😉 let me win please! I make this accidentally 😉

That’s what i’ve submitted. What do you think? Let me know! 😉