Forever Daddy’s Daughter, But I Love You Mom!

December, 20th 2013.

My Best Man has gone for ever.


And Now.. After 7 Month,



Yes. I am still and Forever Daddy’s Daughter.



“But I Forget, That I still Have a Great Mom, an amazing Sister and brothers…”




I am Fragile since I lost Him.

I am too afraid to face reality.

I Have no strength to come to my home again after He died.



I keep tellin’ myself that My mom is Okay without me and My sister who have Moved far away to follow Her husband. My Mom will fine with My 3 Brothers.




But I just know…

My Mom is not okay at all.

My Mom Misses me. Missed Her Daughters.

My Mom is Cryin’ while She was Sick But told me that she’s okay when She Called me,


and as a Bad Daughter I Don’t feel it.




And the Day has come.

I should back to Home on July, 25th 2014.

Holiday has Come. There’s no excuse anymore to make me busy and forgot to back Home.



and This is it..


My Mom was Cooking my Favo Food..

In Skinnier Figure, Paler face, and Her Hair all dominated with White now.


and Reality Hit me again.




What will I do If she’s gone too.

How much Regret that will I have for the rest of My life?


I’ve wasted My time for My lost of Dad and Forgot that I STILL have her!

I STILL have to make Her Proud.

Make sure that She get everything She needs.



See My Brothers Grow Up.

Achieve Their Goals.





I Swear…



Its not easy at all..


My best Man..

My other soul…



Its Hard to get over Him.


I am still afraid..

because everytime I just ….

Can’t accept the truth…


But I promise.




Please Mom…

Hold on…


Wait me..

I’ll get my strength back to face reality..



Just do not ask me now..

I still don’t know when will I get it


But You should know..

That I LOOOOOOOVVVEEE you so much..

Be okay, please..