My Lil Boy


He’s taller than me, And now Tallest in our Fams. But I still treat Him like He just 5 y.o and when I found some cute stuff I always want to buy it for Him without realize He’s a High Schooler already. Time flies…. I still remember How small He was. :’)

Thanks For being  a good boy all this time, and Please always be the good one.
Don’t make stupid mistakes like me.
Be a better person than me.
The world after you graduate later will be really mean, And I really Regret my mistakes when I was in Your age.

But I know, a good boy like You, wont have such a stupid mind like me.

Good Luck My Lil’ Boy. You know You’ll Make Us proud!! 😚😚😚




Let’s Startin’ again!

Its been a long time for me since I wrote my last Fanfic.
I’ll post often here next.

Mau mulai nulis lagi. Nulis cerpen, fanfic, review.

Yah namanya juga belajar. Belajar buat nulis lagi. Hehehe

See You soon on my Next post!