Lalalala~ My Body’s suck

hardly remember the time when i was health. im tryin to do some sport to gain energy but its make my body worse. i missed being… normal.
its not like im crippled or somethin like that. its just… i couldn’t do some activity that normal people did.
my PE is reallly suck. i got C on every test. i have no energy like normal people even im still in gold age.
i dont know why.. people older than me still could run around a soccer field. i can’t.
and everytime i got job, i always messed it by my suck absence.
im not have that much money to go to doctor although my condition really bad.
i got some panic disorder too guys.
yea, i have anxiety too.
i wanna cry everytime i feel that.
but.. yea, many people are worser than me. i shouldn’t cry rite?
i dont know what to do so i write here.
unimportant post 😛
bye for now then.
see yaaaaa~


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